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Female Bodyguards: What Makes them Standout from their Male Counterparts?

When we think of protection, we often put the feminine gender on the other side of the spectrum. We are taught women need to be protected. And thus, we get an industry almost exclusively dominated by men.

However, recently, the demand for female bodyguard services has been on the rise. As a result, more and more celebrities and dignitaries choose women for their security.

Former Prime Minister of the U.K, David Cameron and Beyoncé choose women bodyguards for protection, and so does the Dutches of Cambridge.

China has been a consistent proponent for more inclusion of women in protection and security services. With a flourishing economy, China has one of the largest concentrations of high net individuals. Most of these VIPs need protection and they tend to hire female security services to keep a low profile.

Since there are few female operators within the industry, well-trained female operators are quite rare and, therefore, more sought after.

Stealth - Women are naturally blessed with Stealth

A protective surveillance role that requires a covert operation, for instance, is one of the best examples of situations where female security executives can stand out.

While you might think that a 7 feet tall, burly bodyguard who stays in close proximity of the subject will put any potential troublemaker at bay, the case is often the opposite.

The imposing stature of such big and burly bodyguards often derives too much attention, putting the client further at risk.

On the other hand, women bodyguards can blend in the subject's surroundings and can be seen as personal assistants or friends. This helps the client remain unnoticed and protected at the same time.

Mind Over Muscle

Moreover, on the ground, brainpower is more important than muscle power. Experienced international bodyguards must be on their toe so they can make strategic decisions within seconds. So, appearance doesn't matter as much as mindfulness.

Omnipresent Protection for Women and Kids

Female bodyguards are also a great fit for family protection situations. Kids are less intimidated with female bodyguards around compared to make bodyguards. In case the client is a woman, female bodyguard protection can extend beyond the doors of washrooms, which is one of the riskiest areas for celebrities and dignitaries.

Male bodyguards can't follow a female client to certain places, including dressing rooms and hotel suites. If a female client has to visit these places, they will have to be separated from their male bodyguards, defeating the purpose of the protection.

On the other hand, female bodyguards serve as a less obstructive principle.

Advantage in Female Propriety

Countries where male bodyguards are not allowed for female clients also make up for the case of female bodyguards. Middle-East countries, for instance, are very strict about such rules and, therefore, often choose female bodyguards over their male counterparts when it comes to the protection of women.

Other Unique Qualities in a Female Bodyguard

Women possess a set of unique qualities that are lacking in men. The involvement of women in a conflict lessens the chances of the confrontation turned violent. Moreover, women are known to be more attentive and organized, which helps them keep sharp and present.

The inclusion of women in security services is sporadic, making up for 5-10% of the lot. And it is time it should change. More women should consider the role of a female bodyguard. Females leaving the armed forces or the police should consider a career in security.

We, at International Protection, take pride in having a number of highly-skilled female bodyguards across the world. Check out our female bodyguard service page on our website to learn more.

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