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Safety of Sensitive Installations

High grade security for important buildings and sensitive infrastructure.

Get highest level of security for your infrastructure and manpower with IP - Internationals Protection. We strictly follow safety and security requirements while fulfilling all national and regional guidelines for industrial and corporate security.


We perform security audits of the entire infrastructure and current security systems in place. We provide upgraded security designs and implement them. All new technology, hardware and manpower training or recruitment is also provided to the customer. It also involves intelligence gathering, the use of covert and overt field agents, as well as the implementation of cutting edge technology.

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Specialist in security & protection consultancy for sensitive installations


Our team members specialize in security consulting for sensitive installations. We offer comprehensive corporate security services for organizations and individuals. 


We have experience in the planning, operation, and protection for installations such as:

  • Airports

  • Transportation stations

  • Diamond factories

  • Commercial centers

  • Gas and Energy plants

  • Various other public, private, and governmental facilities



We support and enforce our client’s safety and security requirements, along with meeting all national and regional guidelines for airline and aviation security.


Get both armed and unarmed services for airports, offices and transportation hubs.  We can also provide security ID enforcement, credential verification, crowd screening & management, intelligence gathering etc.


We provide training in First-Aid, CPR, and AED, emergency response planning, bomb threats situational awareness, alarm monitoring and response, access control and active shooter preparedness – just to name a few.

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