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Tailor made comprehensive security consulting 

Our team of security consultants apply proven methodologies and cross-industry best practices to analyze our client’s threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.


Threats and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) or Risk Assessment (RA) is the basis of consulting analysis. Our team analyzes and assesses existing security plans, programs, and processes to evaluate strengths and identify weaknesses. We take into consideration our client’s needs, goals, and resources. The team then recommends risk-mitigating solutions which are relevant, cost-effective, and practical for our client and their business.

Organization consultancy services

Organization consultancy services

Allow us to evaluate your present security system and advise you on possible solutions.


Our analysis focuses on the four foundational elements of security:

1.    Physical capabilities;

2.    Technological capabilities;

3.    Manpower; and

4.    Procedures.


  • Focal questions:

  • What are the signs of impending threat?

  • Is your family, employees, or customers at risk?

  • Do you have a current written security plan?

  • Does your security plan provide practical solutions?

  • Is your security plan current and user friendly?

  • Will your security systems and employees respond to realistic scenarios and threats?

Building master security plan

We will review your current security plans and ensure that they are comprehensive. When necessary, we will design and build a full-scale security plan to provide the best solution for your specific needs. Your security system can be implemented with our agents or the use of your existing security personal.

Operational Audits

Testing your team and equipment is vital to your success. We will use “Red Teams” or other means to challenge your overall security systems. We use real life scenarios to ensure that you are protected to the level that you demand.

Mass Transit and Public Transportation

Mass transit and public transportation security

Mass transit and public transportation systems have become preferred targets for terror organizations. Madrid, London, Moscow and Berlin are painful examples.


Securing these systems is a sensitive and delicate challenge. These systems are typically located in the heart of cities and are fraught with dynamic vulnerabilities in complex environments.


Our experience in projects such as the light Train in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv enables us to provide integrated, comprehensive, and efficient security solutions. Our approach ensures smooth and secure operations in the most economically feasible manner.

Mass Transportation

Sensitive Installations

Specialist in security & protection consultancy for sensitive installation

Ip – international Protection offers complete corporate security services for organizations or individuals. Your Sensitive assets – both human and properties will be protected by our systems.


Our agents will design a complete security system to meet your specific needs and respond with the best security solutions.


We will plan and operate overall protection for installations such as:

  • Airports

  • Transportation stations

  • Diamond factories

  • Commercial centers

  • Gas and Energy plants

  • Private locations

Sensitive Installations


Specialist aviation security & protection consulting

Aviation security provides unique and complex challenges. However, the Israeli method of aviation security has a reputation that is well deserved. Our methodologies have resulted in highly successful aviation counter-terrorism operations. In addition, our Sky Marshall program was implemented years before many other countries recognized the need to implement such a program. Furthermore, our airports and airlines have been rated the “most secure” in the entire world.


Our team offers integrative and comprehensive aviation security services that are based on the methods and concepts practiced in Israel’s airports and airlines. Our experience provides unique security solutions and includes:


  • Establishing or providing comprehensive upgrades in aviation security systems

  • Mapping the existing conditions of airports and airplanes

  • Establishing security surveys

  • Training of airport security personnel

  • Air marshal training

  • Airline personnel security training

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