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Unique professional security training

You need to built security team?

Do you want to upgrade your current system?


Building proper security training programs can be challenging. Professional training services optimizes performance, increases defensive effectiveness, and improves the capability to detect and mitigate threats.


Our team members combined knowledge, experience, and training have resulted in a unique methodology that has been built over a period of many years of service in military special operations as well as in the Israeli Secret Service and National Dignitary Protection Unit. This has positioned our team of trainers and instructors as leaders in our field.


We provide protective services training to the private and public sector. Our services are highly flexible and are adjusted to our client’s organizational needs. Training can be conducted in France, Israel, or onsite at the client’s facilities (where local laws and regulations allow).


Our courses are highly specialized and have been developed over a period of many years. However, we also recognize that the modus operandi of adversarial threats change. Therefore, we are constantly evolving our methods and practices in order to provide devastating and overwhelming responses to potential adversarial threats. As such, your can be assured that training will not be some out dated method. Rather, we provided our trainees with the most current methods and techniques.

Close Protection Officer ( CPO ) / Bodyguard Training

Our training programs are for individuals or groups. They can be tailored to meet your security needs. Whether you need creation of a full protection team, or upgrade of your existing team, we can offer the best solution.


Our training program covers all aspects associated with dignitary and delegation protection. Our methodology is based on the standards, practices, and procedures used by the world renowned Israeli National Dignitary Protection Unit.


Training Modules include:

  • Tactical firearms training

  • Close range combat – martial arts (including Krav Maga).

  • Functioning effectively under stress and emergency situations

  • Rescue and evacuation from fire and smoke

  • Use of body language as a tool for identifying suspicious behavior

  • Explosives devices (IED/EOD) – identification and countermeasures

  • Basic and advanced foot formations of V.I.P protection

  • Combat Shooting in various positions and environments (vehicle, indoor, outdoor etc.)

  • Simulation exercises for single or team security work

  • Operational and emergency driving in both armed and “soft” vehicles

Close Protection Officer / Bodyguard

Firearms Training for Personal / Close Protection Security Training

Organizations, both governmental and non-governmental have been confronted with facing new threats of violence, criminal actions, and even terrorist. As a matter of necessity they have built armed and qualified security teams in their workplace.


Our training is designed to cover a broad spectrum of critical issues concerning the safe handling, carrying, and firing of handguns, together with presenting the Israeli elements of self defense – Krav Maga. It also covers the fundamental concepts of physical and mental performance while under the stress of combat situations and dealing constructively with its aftermath psychologically.

Crowd screening
High risk zones

High-Risk / Conflict Zone Security & Protection training

Have you been appointed to represent your company in Iraq? Do you have a business trip to Lebanon? Feeling unsafe going to your destination? Our team has solutions


Adverse global and international security threats are real. Therefore, it is of vital importance that technical staff as well as senior management are familiar in effectively managing security issues abroad.


This training does not require any previous security experience or knowledge. It is based on advice on general security awareness. This allows adjustment in a client’s behavior to local security requirements.


The training is based on practical and applied methods practiced in both security and commercial environments in high risk zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza strip etc.


  • It covers various aspects including:

  • Environmental & building awareness

  • Learning to adjust behavior to local and dynamic security requirements

  • Dealing with an adversaries’ modus operandi - in particular suicide bombers

  • How to cope in high stress and threat situations

  •  The value of disguise and concealment

Crowd Screening Security & Protection Training

This training is based on the methods and training practices of the Israeli Secret Service, Shin Beth & Mossad, the Israeli National Dignitary Protection Unit, as well as the Israeli National Airlines.


It covers all the aspects related to dealing with screening crowds entering terminals, convention centers, or large businesses. Its primary focus is on the most relevant threats, including suicide bombers.


The training includes basic and advanced techniques within this field including:


  • Security questioning;

  • Suspicious body language recognition;

  • Body search; and

  • Screening bags and other belongings.

Along with theoretical material, trainees will practice the operation of specific equipment required within the field such as metal detectors, x-ray machines, and suspicious article sniffers.

Air / Sky Marshals
Bomb search

IED, Bomb Search Security and Protection Training

The training is based on the methods and training practiced of the Israeli Secret Service, Shin Beth & Mossad, as well as the Israeli National Dignitary Protection Unit.


This comprehensive training covers all aspects of dealing with bomb & IED searching, It also includes sterilizing an area. In addition, it ensures the security within private or public facilities.


The training includes basic and advanced techniques within this field such as:


  • Indoor and outdoor search techniques

  • Vehicle checks

  • Suicide bomber recognition measures and counter measures

  • And more

Air - Sky Marshals Security & Protection Training

Numerous threats have materialized since the 9/11 disaster. As a result, countless efforts have been made to protect the aviation industry in order to prevent similar attacks from occurring.


Our training program is based on the methods and training protocols of the Israeli Secret Service, Israeli National Dignitary Protection Unit, and those implemented on the world’s most secure airline, El-Al. This training is designed for commercial air liners, as well as private or corporate Jets. It covers all the various aspects of dealing with aviation protection:


1.    Pre flight;

2.    Ground procedure;

3.    Boarding; and

4.    In-flight measures.


Our training program qualifies agents to work onboard commercial flights as well as private jets. It provides agents with the confidence and capability to ensure protection or not only the aircraft, but the protection and safety of the lives of passengers.

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