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VIP Protection in Israel. Celebrity security at Ben Gurion

World class security for VIP, Celebrities & Dignitaries in Israel.

Highest level of close protection by ex-servicemen from Israel's most elite unit - the National Dignitary Protection Unit. Our experienced bodyguards and intelligence analysis teams have the highest degree of training and experience in protecting Presidents, Prime Ministers, Sultans, Royalty, Pope, Celebrities, International Artists, and more.


Security solutions are a result of extensive analysis of the risks and problems a client is facing. It also involves intelligence gathering, the use of covert and overt field agents, as well as the implementation of cutting edge technology.


If you require a highly dependable security agency in Israel use our contact form below to get in touch with us. We handle the security of  Public or Private VIPs and Celebrities with complete peace of mind guaranteed for the customer. 


​VIP, Diplomatic & Dignitary close protection bodyguard services


VIP protection is our team’s area of expertise. Our world-class professional protection services are tailored to our client’s needs.

Our teams engage in protection of:

  • Politicians and diplomats

  • Corporate and business executives

  • Entertainment figures and celebrities

  • High-net worth individuals and their families

  • Religious leaders

  • Representatives in high-risk areas and conflict zones

  • Individuals in witness protection programs

  • Individuals under threat

  • Individuals requesting discreet and professional bodyguard services

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