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Secure touring in Israel

Families, individuals, high-profile clients, government officials, or those from the corporate sector may prefer secure travel while in Israel. Our security services provide clients with peace of mind by delivering customized safe travel solutions, secure accommodations, and secure travel activities domestically and abroad.


Unlike services offered by commercial travel agents, our secure touring and travel service is executed by experienced agents that are carefully chosen, managed and supported by our 24hr operations center. Whether for leisure or business, we provide a tailored service including but not limited to security drivers, bodyguards and a monitoring service, in order to mitigate criminal or terror threats.


Professional security drivers

All of our services are provided by professional and qualified drivers, with years of experience in Israel. You can relax and enjoy the ride while our experienced driver plans the route, manages any potential challenges, and makes sure your ride will be quick, smooth, and secure.

​Overt and covert close protection

Overt and covert close protection

Covert close protection services: providing unique covert close protection services by blending in the surroundings without been visible. This is done when there is the need for security without attracting attention. This is ideal for for clients seeking to maintain a low-profile while enjoying the benefits of a fully equipped security detail, especially in trips or leisure.


Armored transportation

Our armored transportation services are the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, safety and security. The best way to feel safe and secure anywhere in Israel.

The vehicles are B5, B6 and B6+ level armored vans and prestigious vehicles.  

VIP transfer in the Airport

VIP transfer in the Airport

Upon arrival into Israel, you are met at the door of airplane and transferred via luxury vehicle across the tarmac to the passport control hall. From their you are escorted through the diplomatic lane. Next, full assistance through baggage claim and customs area, then escorted to the transfer point.

Emergency Medical and Extraction Assistance

Emergency Medical and Extraction Assistance

This service is ideal for an extra layer of protection and ensuring peace of mind.  

Our EMEA (Emergency Medical and Extraction Assistance) services are used to rescue and extract our clients from places that are problematic due to medical situation - either as a result of illness, accidents, unforeseen circumstances war or other factors and transport them safely to more secure destination.


We are engaging a standby team ready for our clients that are been monitored by our 24/7/365 operations center.

Helicopter Services

Helicopter Services

VIP helicopter services for exclusive flights to any preferable destination in Israel - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Golan Heights and more.

The service is fast, smooth and fully customized to your needs including takeoff from any point in Israel, multiple landings and flight duration.

Private helicopter flights are spectacular way and the fastest to see the amazing views of Israel.

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