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Comprehensive Close Protection, Security, Bodyguard Services, and Security Training

IP International Protection, Ltd. was founded by former members of the Israeli Secret Service. All of our operatives served in the elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces before being recruited by the Israeli Secret Service (ISS) to serve in it's top unit - The National
Dignitary Protection Unit.

Our team has been responsible for securing the lives and well-being of the world’s most important and high-profile individuals. Some of our most notable assignments have included, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Religious Leaders, the Philharmonic Orchestra, national sports teams, and youth delegations. Our operations have been conducted within Israel and throughout the world.

In addition, we have taken responsibility for the security of Israel's Airports and transportation infrastructure, as well as it's embassies and interests worldwide.

Since its inception, our team has provided a combination of high level training and expertise to the private sector. We currently consult and engage in the protection of politicians, dignitaries, and VIPs in a private capacity. Our team also manages event security, as well as implement building and project security plans. Furthermore, we provide training to governmental and non-governmental security services, and private companies throughout the world.

In addition to conventional security services, IP brings its expertise to boardrooms, advising companies, and corporations. In the corporate world, we have successfully delivered systems and practices for recognizing body-language and crisis management.

Our services are highly flexible and can be tailored according to our client’s requirements.

Our knowledge, vast experience, and current performance make our agents among the world’s best in the security industry.

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