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Full service protection, bodyguard & security agency

We provide our clients, their families, and businesses with professional agents profiled to suit their specific their needs.


Security solutions are a result of extensive analysis of the risks and problems a client is facing. It also involves intelligence gathering, the use of covert and overt field agents, as well as the implementation of cutting edge technology.


Our team provides services to the private and public sector. All of our past projects were conducted professionally and with great success.

VIP / Dignitary

VIP, Diplomatic & Dignitary close protection bodyguard services

VIP protection is our team’s area of expertise. Our world-class professional protection services are tailored to our client’s needs.


Our teams engage in protection of:


  • Politicians and diplomats

  • Corporate and business executives

  • Entertainment figures and celebrities

  • High-net worth individuals and their families

  • Religious leaders

  • Representatives in high-risk areas and conflict zones

  • Individuals in witness protection programs

  • Individuals under threat

  • Individuals requesting discreet and professional bodyguard services

VIP / Dignitary

Sensitive Installations

Specialist in security & protection consultancy for sensitive installation

Our team members specialize in security consulting for sensitive installations. We offer comprehensive corporate security services for organizations and individuals. Our agents will analyze your current model or plan and design a complete security system solution to meet your specific needs.


We have experience in the planning, operation, and protection for installations such as:

  • Airports

  • Transportation stations

  • Diamond factories

  • Commercial centers

  • Gas and Energy plants

  • Various other public, private, and governmental facilities

Sensitive Installations

Special protection services for groups

Based on agents with more than 20 years of highly experience, IP - International Protection agency were charged with securing the lives and well-being of the worlds most important figures as well as the safety of overseas sport teams and cultural delegations such as the Philharmonic Orchestra, National Sports Teams and Youth Delegations.

Unlike individual missions, protecting delegations is a unique and inspiring challenge.


Taking care of the individual needs together with protecting the collective and general mission is a challenge that IP is fulfilling with great success.


Our teams engage in the protection of:

  • Corporate Executives and Business associates

  • Sport teams

  • Cultural delegations

  • Representatives to high risk & conflict zones

  • Large families travelling in sensitive zones


Event security & protection services

Events are now becoming full size projects requiring crowd control, safety, and security. This makes high-level safety and security essential. Ensuring the smooth operation of an event is of paramount importance to promoters and event managers.


Our team provides event security and protection services to:

  • Sport tournaments

  •  Festivals

  • Live events

  • Street Shows

  • Evening galas

  • Business conventions

  • Private events

Learn more about our international Event security services and submit your requirement here. 

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