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Get your own personal Israeli bodyguard anywhere in the world. 

We provide our clients with professional bodyguards for personal security, protection of family, safety of office or office executives in sensitive locations anywhere around the globe. Our Israeli Bodyguards and unique Israeli security consulting is in huge demand internationally.



It is not just close protection but an extensive analysis of the risks and problems a client is facing. Apart from the covert and overt field agents assigned to you, also gathers intelligence, and implements cutting edge technology to provide you complete please of mind. 

Each one of our bodyguards has served in the elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces before being recruited by the Israeli Secret Service (ISS) to serve in it's top unit - The National Dignitary Protection Unit

Benefits of our Israeli Bodyguards

The top 10 reasons why our close protection operative are in demand worldwide for private and public assignments.

Our teams engage in protection of:


  • Handpicked soldiers from elite army units of Israel.

  • Experience in Israeli secret services.

  • International experience in protecting top dignitaries including Prime Ministers, Sultans, Pope and more.

  • On demand recruitment of small or group of body guards.

  • Support provided by security & threat analysis team.

  • Equipped with latest technology and gadgets for maximum efficiency.

  • Advanced & Long term training to handle terrorist attacks, kidnapping threats, etc.

  • International Deployment 

  • Faster response and Quick deployment as per assignment.

  • Operate under strict confidentiality agreements & NDAs.

VIP / Dignitary
israeli-bodyguards (3).jpeg
israeli-bodyguards (3).jpeg

Where are Israeli Close Protection units and teams deployed? 

Our bodyguards or close protection units are deployed in a wide range of situations as required by the customer for providing covert and overt security related operations.

The following requirements are the most common reasons for deployments:

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